UN, Arab League name Kofi Annan special envoy on Syria

EU sentiment down

has resumed so far

  • Knife-wielder killing 5 arrested in Xinjiang

    The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon is making a two-day official visit to Malaysia from Wednesday for the first time since he took office in 2007, as he is expected to discuss with the Malaysian prime minister regional and global issues, including efforts to promote moderation and the Middle East crisis.

  • Govts trapped in vicious fee cycle

    Her words would find resonance among other potential emigrants. The grass always appears greener on the other side: The education there is better, the air is cleaner, the lifestyle is much more relaxed, and the social welfare could make them feel safer. As someone who has gone through the experience, I feel obliged to tell them that they have idealized the situation in developed countries.

  • Chinese shares open down Tuesday

    France was moving too fast and rashly to unilaterally introduce a financial transaction tax this year, a German government spokesman said on Friday.

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